Over the last few weeks, I have been traveling the country meeting with our franchisees and our team members. We have always believed that People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A), and I wanted to hear first-hand how they feel, what they need, and how Papa John’s can do better.

Steve Ritchie talks with a team member at a store in Detroit as part of a nationwide listening tour.

I visited stores in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit, speaking with the people who run and work in our restaurants. Without them, Papa John’s doesn’t exist. They are center of our business.

I listened to the stories of franchisees who consider their teams an extension of their personal families. I listened to the people in our stores who have had some tough interactions with customers because of the trust we’ve lost. I listened to managers talk about the local schools and charities they’ve supported in their communities because they are community members themselves and they care.

These were difficult conversations. Though I believe we have a shared optimism for a fresh start.

Most importantly, I heard that our teams are more committed than ever to moving Papa John’s forward. We recognize that Papa John’s has always been and will always be bigger than one person. We are store managers, drivers and pizza makers. The people in our restaurants are representative of the communities they serve.

As we strive to become a better brand fully rooted in our purpose, our passion and commitment to the quality of our company and our products will only grow. Moving forward and doing better means that we acknowledge the need to continue to listen, understand the feedback – even when it’s hard to hear – and the necessary actions to build a better company for our team members and our customers.

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