A new brand experience to match our premium products

Nov. 16, 2021
Nov. 16, 2021

In November 2021, Papa Johns announced our next step in our journey to deliver better experiences for our customers and team members. People have begun to see, feel and experience how Papa Johns is evolving through a new design for our restaurants, a new logo and new visual brand identity. These elements are building a more modern Papa Johns experience and deeper emotional connections with our customers, team members and communities.

“The loyalty and love people have for Papa Johns has been built on our well-known promise of Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.® – and today, we are signaling to the world that Papa Johns is ‘Hungry for Better,’” said Max Wetzel, Papa Johns’ Chief Commercial Officer.

New Customer-Centric Restaurant Design

Papa Johns new streamlined, flexible environment will provide seamless purchasing and pick-up experiences for customers and empower Papa Johns team members to more efficiently prepare quality food. The new open-floorplan restaurant design blends modern simplicity with the warmth of the experience that invites people to enjoy pizza. Through handcrafted, personalized details, customers will be surrounded by premium ingredients and delicious food in a modern, inviting atmosphere.

In the kitchen, Papa Johns team members will prepare orders at modular stations that allow the same space to be used for different products at different times. As they cut pizzas and place the iconic pepperoncini pepper and Papa Johns Garlic Sauce cup inside each box, they will be better equipped with a special space to add these final touches so well-loved by our customers.

New Logo

Papa Johns new logo is a visual reflection of the new tone we are setting – bold, simple, fun and clean. This “Better by Design” logo features updated hues of Papa Johns signature red and green color crafted to better distinguish the brand wherever it is seen – both online and in-person.

New Brand Visual Identity

Papa Johns new visual identity draws inspiration from the premium ingredients it is known for and is brought to life through a variety of elements, including:

  • Color: Updated palette inspired by our premium ingredients that includes hues like Tangy tomato (red), Fresh basil (green), Fluffy dough (off-white), Punchy garlic (light purple) and Pickled pepperoncini (bright yellow-green) that provide bold pops and playful accents
  • Typography: A custom font inspired by the way Papa Johns fresh, never-frozen dough moves and stretches when team members craft pizza
  • Photography: Photos celebrating the best pizza moments – the ones shared with others – and showcasing the passion, pride and craft that goes into each of Papa Johns products
  • Illustration: A new “hand drawn happiness” illustration style that reflects Papa Johns vibrancy and the hand-crafted nature of its products will offer helpful information – and a bit of playfulness along the way
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