Love the butter board trend? Try a Papa Johns Garlic Sauce board!

Sept. 28, 2022
Sept. 28, 2022

When we saw butter boards begin to trend on Tik Tok, we thought “What a great way to enjoy Papa Johns sides!” and just had to create our own take.

A key reason the butter board trend has become so popular is that these boards are very intentionally designed to be shared, to be enjoyed together. That’s also why people love pizza so much and why pizza holds such a unique place in our culture. From the time we are very young, most of us begin forming strong associations between pizza and parties or other get-togethers. The happiness created when people gather around and enjoy a food they all love, like pizza, is so powerful and significant that we at Papa Johns embrace it as our overall purpose, which is “We love pizza. It brings us all together. The world deserves better pizza and we deliver it.”

The butter board trend also celebrates a reason why people love Papa Johns sides (like Garlic Knots, Wings and Breadsticks) in particular – the fun of dipping. Our Special Garlic Dipping Sauce has become a cultural icon – and you will find people using it in unexpected ways in their kitchen – from cooking a steak to adding flavor to grits. A Papa Johns “garlic sauce board” invites people to dip and enjoy together and we made ours easy enough that anyone could make one at home.

Check it out below!

Papa Johns Tik Tok: Our Garlic Sauce Board