To fold or not to fold: Introducing NY Style Pizza

Dec. 20, 2021
Dec. 20, 2021

Papa Johns is bringing pizza-lovers a new way to experience NY Style pizza, with its original fresh, never frozen, six-ingredient dough. Our spin on this traditional pie features eight oversized, foldable slices with just the right balance of crust and toppings,

“For many, NY Style pizza is a classic that reigns supreme, so we are excited to offer consumers this foldable crust favorite made with our fresh, never frozen dough,” said Scott Rodriguez, Papa Johns Senior Vice President of Menu Strategy and Product Innovation. “As we continue to innovate our menu, we strive to keep our customer first and are glad to introduce another crust variation that allows them to customize their pizza how they’d like.”

Papa Johns all-new NY Style pizza has all the characteristics one would expect from a traditional NY Style pizza format: eight large and wide foldable slices cut from a 16-inch pie, thin delectable crust baked to perfection, and finished with favorite toppings, making Papa Johns NY style pizza a delicious and classic choice no matter how fans choose to eat it.

“The crust made with our signature, six-ingredient dough and delicious toppings is what truly set our NY Style pizza apart and offers pizza-lovers a new way to experience this East Coast staple, no matter where they live or how they choose to enjoy it,” Rodriguez said.