Welcome to the Dough Show: A look inside our new restaurant experience

Sept. 26, 2022
Sept. 26, 2022

The first Papa Johns location reflecting our new restaurant design has opened in the Atlanta area – and each day more restaurants are being renovated to deliver a more modern experience that celebrates our premium ingredients. This new streamlined, flexible environment provides seamless purchasing and pick-up experiences for customers and empowers Papa Johns team members to more efficiently prepare quality food.


“Part of making it easier to say yes to Papa Johns development is having a smart and seamless design,” said Amanda Clark, Papa Johns Chief International & Development Officer. “We worked with customers and our operations team to understand how we can have our stores be a true reflection of our brand while delivering an efficient operational experience, and this design delivers on that.”

Inside and out, the new store design features our updated logo and brings to life the tone of Papa Johns visual brand identity – bold, simple, fun and clean.

The new open-floorplan restaurant design blends modern simplicity with the warmth of the experience that invites people to enjoy pizza. Through handcrafted, personalized details, customers are surrounded by premium ingredients and delicious food in a modern, inviting atmosphere.

Larger-than-life ingredient photography highlights the story and quality guarantee behind each ingredient, while the pizza peel lighting fixtures add a touch of whimsy to the experience.

Special attention has been paid to the surfaces in our customer area. We’ve selected a white and easy-to-clean palette that keeps the customer focused on the dough show.

Based on extensive research, Papa Johns carefully crafted the new restaurant design to provide its customers with better pick-up options – in the drive-thru, at “Drive-Up Pick Up” and inside. In this new store design, we are also testing a self-serve pick-up that both reduces contact and allows customers to quickly grab their order without waiting in line.

In the kitchen, Papa Johns team members prepare orders at modular stations that allow the same space to be used for different products at different times.

As team members cut pizzas and place the iconic pepperoncini pepper and Papa Johns Garlic Sauce cup inside each box, they are better equipped with a special space to add these final touches so well-loved by customers.

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