Papa Johns brings back Cheesy Burger Pizza this summer

June 10, 2024
June 10, 2024

Papa Johns Cheesy Burger Pizza

Over 500,000 fans have begged for its return and while others have attempted to enter the burger game, Papa Johns is delivering exactly what the internet wants: Cheesy Burger Pizza.

Since others have forgotten about the pizza in their burger mashups, Papa Johns is here to make it right. This summer, the brand is not just bringing back the delicious pizza, they’re answering the call of the pizza-devoted masses who have shared their yearning for the return of the irresistible fusion of classic burger flavors and cheesy pizza goodness. Papa Johns is celebrating the cult-classic and honoring the fandom by offering a large Cheesy Burger Pizza for just $10 for the first 500,000 orders. Fans can also enter for a chance to win free slices. 

“The Cheesy Burger Pizza has been a favorite for over a decade and fans have passionately let us know they want it back through endless comments, tweets and phone calls begging for its return,” says Kimberly Bean, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Menu Strategy. “While other chains are going up against the burger, we’re putting pizza first and staying true to our commitment by giving fans exactly what they want - pizza.”

Cheesy Burger Pizza Social Media Fandom

Super fans can keep an eye out for ways to earn free Cheesy Burger Pizza throughout the summer on, and join their fellow afficionados in celebrating a true OG: Papa Johns’ Cheesy Burger Pizza. 

The Cheesy Burger Pizza features Papa Johns’ fresh, never frozen dough topped with a signature burger sauce, generous portions of beef, tomato, dill pickle, and real cheese made from mozzarella, served of course with a cup of the brand’s famous Special Garlic Sauce and pepperoncini.  The combo of iconic flavors is also available in the returning Cheesy Burger Papadia and all-new Cheesy Burger Papa Bites. The full Cheesy Burger Trio lineup is available for Papa Rewards members starting June 10 and for fans nationwide on June 13, with the Cheesy Burger Papadia and Papa Bites priced at, $6.99 and $4.99 respectively.

Papa Johns Cheesy Burger Pizza

Back by popular demand, the Cheesy Burger platform is the latest fan-inspired drop from Papa Johns and builds upon the company’s Better Get You Some brand campaign. The new creative is fueled by pizza devotion and satisfying cravings throughout the summer and all year round.  

To learn more about the Cheesy Burger Pizza visit and order your Cheesy Burger Trio at

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