TFW the pizza craving hits: Jaclyn Ruelle on the ooey-gooey passion of pizza fans

July 10, 2024
July 10, 2024

Papa Johns recently introduced its new brand platform Better Get You Some. We caught up with VP of Brand Jaclyn Ruelle on the inspiration behind the launch – and what’s next.

Better Get You Some

What inspired the launch of Better Get You Some? Why a new brand platform and why now?

As a business, we have rallied around our Back to Better 2.0 strategy – and marketing is at the heart of that strategy. We are leveraging deepened investments in the National Marketing Fund to improve audience segmentation, build customer loyalty, drive buzz, increase ROI and offer differentiated category solutions. Better Get You Some couldn’t be a more perfect expression of how we are realizing all these objectives: We’re increasing customer engagement and loyalty by celebrating how Papa Johns customers are devoted to our premium pizza, outlining a clear and identifiable role for them to see themselves in the work and the brand. We’re driving buzz by leaning into cultural conversation through engaging rapper Big Boi and award-winning director Dave Meyers. And, we’re offering differentiated category solutions by launching Better Get You Some in tandem with our new Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni offerings.

How is Better Get You Some different from other campaigns?

Better Get You Some isn’t just a campaign – it is an evolution of our brand platform that puts our consumers and the emotional truth of their pizza devotion at the center. Acknowledging and celebrating the cultural landscape of the consumer today through captivating visuals and music, Better Get You Some leans into the rise of micro-“fandoms” driven by online community-building. By using audience segmentation, we’re speaking to these different “fandoms” and their respective passion points by ensuring that our language and ways the brand shows up are authentic to each of them. 

What are you most excited about with this campaign?

It’s hard to pick a favorite – but what I’m especially excited about right now is bringing the Better Get You Some visual identity to life in future campaigns. Just as the visuals in the ad spot celebrate pizza devotion, so do all our assets – everything down to our font. We worked with our partners to not only build a color palette inspired by our Papa Johns premium ingredients, but also to design an updated call-to-action font that evokes the delicious, gooey experience of enjoying a slice of our pizza. I’m thrilled to continue rolling out these visual elements that celebrate brand love in every single detail.

Better Get You Some Imagery 

How does Better Get You Some ignite a passion for pizza?

The ongoing and increasing role of hyper-personalization in consumer culture continues to stick out to me, and we brought this to life in Better Get You Some by leaning into the role that “pizza devotion” plays in our lives – and celebrating how it can look different for everyone. Better Get You Some is all about celebrating those unexpected moments when it hits and showing how Papa Johns is the answer to those in-the-moment cravings. With Better Get You Some, we’re staying true to our promise of Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. – just with a bigger, bolder attitude.  

How does Better Get You Some help grow the business?

Our Papa Johns strategy revolves around a commitment to consumer-centricity across all fronts. In marketing and communications, we’re bringing this to life through the Better Get You Some brand platform – which emphasizes relatability and customer engagement by highlighting the role of pizza in everyday life – and loyalty-building initiatives. For example, we’re finding new ways to leverage our loyalty program during cultural events to drive tangible outcomes. During the Super Bowl, for instance, we launched our Vegas Style Pizza, which drove the acquisition of 3,000 new loyalty members. Through both aspects – our new brand platform and loyalty initiatives – we’re strengthening customer relationships through innovation, engagement, and targeted loyalty initiatives – all of which ultimately drives sales. 

How we are going to see BGYS show up in the future?

While right now you can find it throughout our Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni offerings campaign, the great thing about Better Get You Some is that it has incredible creative flexibility. It will allow us to adapt and update visuals, messaging and cultural references for future menu innovations and campaigns. Building off our collaboration with Big Bio, we will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate with culturally-relevant influencers and infuse relevant cultural touchstones into campaigns.